Content Management

CLS, the Component Content Management and Editorial System

The Content Lifecycle System (CLS) is a state-of-the-art component content management system designed for XML content modules, as well as any other information formats. CLS supports the key requirements for creation, management, translation and publication of (technical) documentation, commercial publications, rules and standards, comprehensive bodies of text and other comparable content, requiring modularization, reuse, and dynamic publishing.

CLS is a full-featured solution platform for any component content management application. The platform has a contemporary architecture with open interfaces and a modern & comfortable user interface. CLS manages XML structured information objects, as well as objects of arbitrary data format, provides freely configurable metadata, sophisticated management of variants, versions, and releases. It also provides comments attached to information modules, translation management, intelligent search and classification, workflow management and definable work packages, import and export functions, comprehensive reports, user and access rights management, and high scalability in numbers of users and amount of data.

CLS allows for re use of information objects in a wide variety of contexts. With its multifaceted and targeted possibilities, CLS provides all tools needed for editorial and production processes to significantly lower costs, while at the same time, improve documentation and publication quality. Well-defined editorial processes, shorter production cycles, increased degree of information reuse, through intelligent search and classification with metadata, contribute to high levels of optimization provided by CLS.

Standard configurations for DITA and DocBook deliver the full range of functions and features required to initiate document production within a short time frame. The powerful CLS configuration and customization capabilities allow for easy creation of customer-specific applications and integration of the system into existing IT environments. 

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