It goes without saying that BMW – like other manufacturers – delivers its vehicles with comprehensive operating instructions. However, BMW uses this cost-intensive obligation and turns it into a freestyle to differentiate itself from the competition.
BMW uses an editorial system based on Smart Information Management software for the creation and maintenance of on-board literature in paper and electronic form and in all required languages for all series. A data source serves both for the conventional, printed instructions and for the operating instructions integrated in the vehicle, which react to the actual equipment and the current condition of the vehicle.
The optimal reuse of texts and media for different output purposes and efficient translation management results in tailor-made integrated operating manuals that are precisely tailored to the vehicle configuration on the on-board display. In this way, the driver gets the right answer to his question step by step and with the utmost precision – without having to flip through a printed manual to find the right passage to solve the problem. If, for example, the tire monitoring system reports a reduction in tire pressure, the dashboard display shows the appropriate recommendations for action precisely and at the right moment.
Editors at BMW thus keep a cool head when producing operating manuals in all languages, despite ever more vehicle variants and ever shorter editorial cycles. Efficiency increases and quality improvements in editorial processes go hand in hand with the use of Smart Information Management.