Empolis acclaimed as global leader in service knowledge management 2019

Kaiserslautern, Germany, March 12, 2019 – Empolis Information Management GmbH is one of world’s top 100 knowledge management providers. The list “100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management”, published by the renowned US magazine KMWorld, is compiled via input from editors, analysts, experts and, most importantly, users.

“In selecting organizations to be included on the list, we consider insights gleaned from our own interactions with companies during interviews and events, how they have succeeded in helping customers solve business problems, and we review product updates to make sure that capabilities are advancing to address evolving requirements”, said Tom Hogan, Group Publisher of KMWorld.

Empolis CEO Dr. Stefan Wess: “Digitization has fundamentally changed customer service and its standards: Customers expect first-class service anytime, anywhere. Our cloud-based solution Empolis Service Express uniquely combines intelligent search and guided troubleshooting based on artificial intelligence, therefore allowing service staff to deliver excellent customer service. It provides international manufacturers global, scalable access to distributed service information for service personnel, partners, and customers, free of large investments.”

Learn how you can deliver excellent customer service and become true service heroes with artificial intelligence: www.service.express/en/

More information about KMWorld 100: http://www.kmworld.com/Articles/Editorial/Features/KMWorld-100-Companies-That-Matter-in-Knowledge-Management-2019-129903.aspx

GE’s Distributed Power Division receives Empolis Customer Solution Award 2018

Kaiserslautern, September 20, 2018 – GE’s Distributed Power division received the Empolis Customer Solution Award 2018 at the Empolis:Exchange Technical Summit in Darmstadt. Distributed Power, headquartered in Tyrol, is one of the leading manufacturers of gas engines and combined heat and power plants.

With the Customer Solution Award, Empolis annually honors successful cooperation in the introduction of intelligent service solutions. Weiss Umwelttechnik GmbH received the trophy in 2017. This year, “Service Expert System” from Distributed Power was awarded, which provides all service staff and technical support with the complete expert knowledge in the form of decision trees and documents so that they can be guided safely and quickly to the right solution for repairs. 

More than 1,000 users work with “Service Expert System”. Even less experienced employees can solve service cases more quickly and reliably, first fix rates have been increased and downtimes of the systems have been reduced. Bruno Plattner, Lead Project Management Specialist, Knowledge Engineer, at Distributed Power, is already planning the next steps: a roll-out in different languages and offline use of the system so that employees can access the relevant knowledge at the push of a button – even if there is no Internet connection.

Interview with Bruno Plattner, Lead Project Management Specialist, Knowledge Engineer, Distributed Power (in German language): youtube.com/watch?v=QIaVTpyfASs

All service knowledge accessible offline as well as online – the mobile field service solution

Kaiserslautern, September 10, 2018 – Service as a success factor: Service surrounding the actual product, such as efficiency and quality of maintenance and repair processes, is becoming increasingly more important, in order to stand out from competitors. Empolis Service Express is now also available as a mobile field service solution and helps service managers ensure their market success in the digital age.

Going forward, the cloud-based mobile service app for smartphone or tablet will assist field service technicians as they conduct their service appointments. Since the app has full offline capability, all relevant information and the company’s entire service knowledge can be accessed on site, at any time, without an internet connection. All this, in an instant, without any arduous data input, simply by selecting options or via voice commands, supported by comprehensive ergonomic design and user guidance.

The Personal Favorites feature gives field service technicians quick access to frequently required knowledge or personalized information – without having to fall back on binders or CDs that are still often referenced. Service processes are thereby streamlined, and first-time fix rates improved considerably, leading to cost savings of up to 30 percent.

The Empolis Service Express mobile app is available in the App-Store.

For customers and potential customers who would like to make an appointment with Empolis Information Management GmbH, please contact Carina Angerer.

Empolis Service Express Mobile im App Store

Empolis Service Express in the App Store

Making the Digital Future of Documentation Happen – Empolis Is Founding Member of the iiRDS Consortium

Kaiserslautern, May 2, 2018 – In the era of digitization and Industry 4.0, product documentation hard copy printouts or PDF files are no longer sufficient. Machines, plants, equipment and components are intelligently connected to deliver specific functionalities or services. Technical information must adapt, in order to be available for all users, at any time and on any mobile device. At the same time, users expect information from various products to be easily connected and networked.

In developing the digital future of technical documentation, a manufacturer-independent and content-neutral standard was developed to supply “intelligent” information: the “Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard” (iiRDS). The benefits of the standard have two primary areas of impact: Manufacturers provide required information to various customers in a standardized manner, based on a uniform metadata model. Customers, on the other hand, can easily integrate information from a variety of manufacturers into their systems. The iiRDS-based metadata makes it possible to represent the most important use cases for dynamic information delivery. By design, human-machine communication should resemble natural communication to the greatest extent possible.

To drive development of this industry standard on a national and international level, 25 international companies, including Empolis Information Management GmbH, and the Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation — tekom Deutschland e.V. — established the iiRDS Consortium. The technical expertise of the founding members, among them system manufacturers, industrial companies, consultants and service providers, will further improve the standard. Just recently, iiRDS Version 1.0 was released by the tekom.

As a founding member, Empolis plays a significant role in promoting the digitization of technical documentation and further international development of the iiRDS standard. Empolis Content Express cloud solution already has the standard integrated.

Find more information about iiRDS Consortium: https://iirds.tekom.de/iirds-consortium/

Empolis named a global leader in knowledge management

Kaiserslautern, Germany, March 13, 2018 – Empolis Information Management GmbH is one of world’s top 100 knowledge management providers. This is the result of the 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management list, published by the renowned US magazine KMWorld. It includes globally active companies with knowledge management solutions that enable Big Data applications and add value to business processes.

“The organizations named this year to our list of 100 Companies That Matter in Knowledge Management have captured and sustained our interest through their functionality, success with clients and innovation,” says KMWorld Editor Sandra Haimila. “When we look at the technologies they offer, we are awed by the progress, excited by what the future will bring and confident they will enrich our lives. The companies we have chosen for our 2018 list have proven their business value to customers. We are impressed.”

Empolis CEO Dr. Stefan Wess: “The renewed acceptance as the only German software company in KMWorld’s Top 100 list is proof that the consistent realization of our mission in our intelligent cloud solutions is valuable. Empolis systems analyze terabytes of data in milliseconds so that users can always make the right decisions or digital assistants support you with them. They help us provide the right information to the right person to the right device at the right time in any given context according to our motto: DECIDE. RIGHT. NOW.”

Empolis Named a Leading Provider of Data Analytics in Germany

Kaiserslautern, January 9, 2018 – Empolis Information Management GmbH has been named one of the leading providers of data analytics in Germany in the independent market survey “ISG Provider Lens Germany 2018 Data Analytics Services & Solutions.” Empolis received the honors of “Leader Germany 2018” in the categories “Semantic Data Management” and “Operational Intelligence.”


The market for data analytics is growing rapidly, but it is also undergoing profound change because of the increasing importance of artificial intelligence. According to the market analysts of ISG Germany, Empolis already offers intelligent SaaS solutions for data analytics. They are available in the cloud at the touch of a button and can be integrated into existing infrastructures immediately. “Based on artificial intelligence technologies, customer-specific configurations and extensions are possible to create perfectly tailored solutions,” they note.


In “semantic data management,” semantic information is extracted from texts using AI technologies to generate industry-specific knowledge models. These can be used in customer service, for example, to provide better and faster solutions to questions. For the first time, ISG has analyzed this market segment and identified eleven providers relevant for the German market. Besides Empolis, only Atos and IBM were named as “Leaders.” The field of “operational intelligence” involves providing decision makers the ability to obtain relevant information more quickly from large quantities of unstructured data, which allows them to optimize their business processes.


More information about the survey is available at: http://research.isg-one.de

Empolis Among Top 100 Content Management Providers Worldwide

Press Release

Kaiserslautern, Germany, November 21, 2017 – Empolis Information Management GmbH has been named one of the “100 Companies that Matter Most in the Digital Content Industry” by the highly regarded American “EContent Magazine”. The companies on the annual EContent list are recognized as pioneers in the field of e-content management.

At the annual “tc world conference”, the leading global event and marketplace for technical communication which recently took place in Stuttgart, Germany, Empolis presented both its proven content management system CLS and its content delivery portal solution. Both utilize the new standard iiRDS (Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard) which is currently being developed under the auspices of tekom. The iiRDS norm provides a standardized manner of supplying “intelligent” information. This means that metadata and document structures, such as those pertaining to technical information, are offered to the individual user in context-relevant manner. This also makes it possible to connect any authoring system and third-party information sources to the content delivery portal.

“For us as a German IT company to be listed among the world’s 100 most influential companies in the digital content industry, is a special distinction and we’re very proud of this achievement,” says Empolis CEO Dr. Stefan Wess. “This also shows that supplying technical information in user-friendly and interactive ways is becoming increasingly important.”

You’ll find the complete EContent 100 list in alphabetical order here: http://www.econtentmag.com/Articles/Editorial/Feature/The-2017-2018-EContent-100-Companies-that-Matter-Most-in-the-Digital-Content-Industry-121228.htm

About EContent

 EContent is a leading authority on the businesses of digital publishing, media, and marketing, targeting executives and decision-makers in these fast-changing markets. By covering the latest tools, strategies, and thought-leaders in the digital content ecosystem, EContent magazine and EContentmag.com keep professionals ahead of the curve in order to maximize their investment in digital content strategies while building sustainable, profitable business models.

Empolis is named one of the leading suppliers for Industrial Analytics & Visualization

Press Release

Kaiserslautern, September 20, 2017 – Empolis Information Management GmbH is well prepared for the Internet of Things. The renowned “ISG Provider Lens Germany 2018” study has declared Empolis one of Germany’s leading suppliers in the “Industrial Analytics & Visualization” segment.

The ISG analysts compared 74 suppliers regarding to their capability to analyze large volumes of industrial machine and equipment data and visualize that data, in order to enable users to gain new insights from it. Empolis was found to be one of Germany’s eight top suppliers. Also on that list are Atos, Bosch SI, Deutsche Telekom, Device Insight, IBM, PTC and SAP.

ISG analysts’ verdict was: “Thanks to a customer base that has been developed over many years and that has grown continuously, Empolis has a wealth of knowledge and experience on current applications in the Internet of Things.” They added that Empolis had also established a partner network that was clearly focused on the Internet of Things.

Currently, the most important applications for these technologies are predictive maintenance and remote monitoring analysis. “We capture and analyze data and sensor streams from machines and equipment in real time. Based on time series data and utilizing intelligent technologies such as Deep Learning, we precisely calculate when the wear on a machine will become so extensive that components need to be replaced – before unscheduled downtimes can occur.” Dr. Stefan Wess, Empolis CEO, explains an application particularly relevant to engineering.

But data capture can also serve to develop new data-driven business models, as it can now be used by companies to gain helpful additional information available to their customers for the first time. Examples of this include troubleshooting applications for hotlines, remote maintenance, field service, and self-service offerings.

“Entering the field of data analysis is risk-free for users because we operate with agile development and use case-driven sprints. Our customers have first results on hand after just two weeks,” explains Wess.