Porsche Service

New Guided Troubleshooting. Standardizing Expert Knowledge While Utilizing It with Consistent Quality

Porsche Service continually expands its premium offering to ensure for the brand’s exclusivity, as well as to maintain long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty, even after purchasing the car and for the unique everyday driving experience.

Empolis provides the tool chain “New Guided Troubleshooting” for the Diagnostic Program After Sales (DiPAS), an entirely new, unique diagnostic strategy. The brand new diagnostic system, used on Porsche’s third generation PIWIS testers, is based on Empolis technology. The technology is applied for the editorial system required for creation and management of automated test and repair instructions, as well as to the runtime environment for the mobile test and diagnostic units, operated by all Porsche dealers around the globe. The testing procedures communicate with the control units using the new communication and testing standard, OTX/ODX, interpret the results and independently continue with further diagnostic steps. The intelligent software selectively communicates with measuring instruments, such as volt meters, ampere meters, ohmmeters, etc. or pose a query to the operator. Results on the tester undergo fully automated interpretation. These processes are efficiently generated with the help of adaptive decision trees provided by Empolis.

With modular content created in Empolis Smart Content, the system supports mechanics in repair shops in carrying out Porsche Service excellence and fast repairs, in line with the motto: “The right service information, in the right working context, at the right time, to the right person, on the desired device”. Decision trees, combined with troubleshooting systems, assist in faster and more efficient troubleshooting and problem fixes and optimize maintenance procedures. Service staff appreciate the added value offered by the new program and customers clearly benefit from faster repairs according to Porsche’s philosophy: “Precise. Professional. Dynamic”.