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AI solutions from Empolis receive international accolades

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The AI-based solutions from software vendor Empolis recently received not just one, but two international accolades.

The US trade magazine Database Trends and Applications (DBTA) honored the knowledge management solution Empolis Service Express® as “Trend-Setting Product 2022”. As a Software as a Service (SaaS), Empolis Service Express® is dedicated to digitalization and raising efficiency in customer service. By utilizing artificial intelligence, companies can digitalize and structure their entire service and product knowledge, and, thus, make it available from a central source. This helps accelerate the provision of service, reduce process costs, and boost service quality.

Empolis Knowledge Express® received the “Cloud Computing Excellence Award 2021” from the US media company TMC. This award honors new, innovative cloud services and solutions. Empolis Knowledge Express® is a turnkey digital knowledge and collaboration platform for the life science, healthcare, and process industries. It is based on knowledge graph technology, a type of artificial intelligence characterized by transparency and comprehensibility. It enables the creation of knowledge networks used by companies to collect the entire range of their knowledge and competencies and make them available across all locations, business units, and national borders. Empolis Knowledge Express®, thus, makes the exchange of knowledge throughout the company faster and allows for new, data-controlled strategies to be pursued.

“We are very proud of these prestigious accolades. They also confirm that we are on the right track with our strategy of developing international markets,” said Eric Brabänder, CPO & Member of the Executive Board at Empolis.

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