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Empolis and Merck agree cooperation on digital knowledge platform for research and development

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Software company Empolis, with a location in Darmstadt, and Merck, a leading science and technology company with headquarters in Darmstadt, today announced their strategic collaboration. A digital knowledge platform, originally set up by Merck Innovation Center, is to be further developed and marketed worldwide by Empolis, in close cooperation with Merck.

As a digital knowledge workplace, the Empolis Intelligent Views Platform® accelerates the networking of companies’ global technology and science landscapes and thus promotes innovation. Research and development (R&D) departments can quickly and easily centrally collate, share and use their entire knowledge and expertise across all locations, business areas and international borders. It provides globally active companies with a valuable tool to speed up and improve their decision making.

Jörg Kleinz, Managing Director, Empolis Intelligent Views GmbH: “Imagine your company knew everything it knows: The Merck slogan for the development of the digital knowledge platform is now more relevant than ever. A lot of R&D investment is not put to effective use due to lack of information and lack of coordination. Our vision is to bring people, technology and knowledge together.”

R&D employees in all roles can connect quickly and easily via the platform. Available knowledge is updated automatically and is linked via various subject and knowledge areas so that even complex interrelationships can be understood quicker. Development of the platform began at Merck in 2016. Since then, the platform has established itself as an internal tool for knowledge management and technology mapping, and as an accelerator for cross-divisional collaboration.

Oliver Klaeffling, Head of Merck Innovation Center: “With Empolis, a company that has been honored many times by Gartner for its Knowledge Graph Technology, we have found a strong and competent partner for the further development and global marketing of our digital knowledge platform. We are delighted that Empolis will now make this platform, which we are already using successfully at Merck, accessible to other companies.”

Curious? Would you like to know more? You can contact Jörg Kleinz at joerg.kleinz@empolis.com. He would be delighted to talk to you.