Award-Winning Platform Technology: Empolis Smart Cloud is a “Trend-Setting Product 2017”

Kaiserslautern, September 14, 2017 – The Empolis Smart Cloud (ESC) from Empolis Information Management GmbH has won yet another award. The US trade magazine KMWorld has awarded the platform technology from the leading supplier of Smart Information Management software the title of “Trend-Setting Product of the Year 2017”. The jury, consisting of users, knowledge management experts, industry and technology analysts, as well as journalists, examined several hundred submissions.


The PaaS platform provides customers with the full range of interfaces needed to develop their own applications and software solutions fast, particularly in a service environment. This helps them reduce costs, develop new business models, as well as sustainably increase customer retention through optimized service delivery.


Businesses utilizing ESC no longer concern themselves with infrastructure or scalability, but can devote their full attention to developing their applications. Cooperation with Empolis can be enhanced under our partner program, which allows partners to benefit fully from over 30 years of consulting expertise so that they can concentrate completely on their core business.


“Cloud solutions as a platform allow businesses to convert entirely to new digital and data-driven business processes. This enables our customers and partners to develop and realize innovative business models quickly without large investments,” says Empolis CEO Dr. Stefan Wess.


“Our 2017 KMWorld Trend-Setting Products result from innovation and imagination, as well as from evolution,” says Sandra Haimila, editor of KMWorld. “The products reflect the ingenuity of the developers and the diversity of invention. More than anything else, the 2017 Trend-Setting Products have captured our attention because of their ability to meet business needs by transforming information into insight.”

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