Badge ISG Data Analytics Leader Germany 2018: Empolis

Empolis Named a Leading Provider of Data Analytics in Germany

Kaiserslautern, January 9, 2018 – Empolis Information Management GmbH has been named one of the leading providers of data analytics in Germany in the independent market survey “ISG Provider Lens Germany 2018 Data Analytics Services & Solutions.” Empolis received the honors of “Leader Germany 2018” in the categories “Semantic Data Management” and “Operational Intelligence.”


The market for data analytics is growing rapidly, but it is also undergoing profound change because of the increasing importance of artificial intelligence. According to the market analysts of ISG Germany, Empolis already offers intelligent SaaS solutions for data analytics. They are available in the cloud at the touch of a button and can be integrated into existing infrastructures immediately. “Based on artificial intelligence technologies, customer-specific configurations and extensions are possible to create perfectly tailored solutions,” they note.


In “semantic data management,” semantic information is extracted from texts using AI technologies to generate industry-specific knowledge models. These can be used in customer service, for example, to provide better and faster solutions to questions. For the first time, ISG has analyzed this market segment and identified eleven providers relevant for the German market. Besides Empolis, only Atos and IBM were named as “Leaders.” The field of “operational intelligence” involves providing decision makers the ability to obtain relevant information more quickly from large quantities of unstructured data, which allows them to optimize their business processes.


More information about the survey is available at: