iiRDS Consortium - Gründungsmitglied Empolis

Making the Digital Future of Documentation Happen – Empolis Is Founding Member of the iiRDS Consortium

Kaiserslautern, May 2, 2018 – In the era of digitization and Industry 4.0, product documentation hard copy printouts or PDF files are no longer sufficient. Machines, plants, equipment and components are intelligently connected to deliver specific functionalities or services. Technical information must adapt, in order to be available for all users, at any time and on any mobile device. At the same time, users expect information from various products to be easily connected and networked.

In developing the digital future of technical documentation, a manufacturer-independent and content-neutral standard was developed to supply “intelligent” information: the “Intelligent Information Request and Delivery Standard” (iiRDS). The benefits of the standard have two primary areas of impact: Manufacturers provide required information to various customers in a standardized manner, based on a uniform metadata model. Customers, on the other hand, can easily integrate information from a variety of manufacturers into their systems. The iiRDS-based metadata makes it possible to represent the most important use cases for dynamic information delivery. By design, human-machine communication should resemble natural communication to the greatest extent possible.

To drive development of this industry standard on a national and international level, 25 international companies, including Empolis Information Management GmbH, and the Gesellschaft für Technische Kommunikation — tekom Deutschland e.V. — established the iiRDS Consortium. The technical expertise of the founding members, among them system manufacturers, industrial companies, consultants and service providers, will further improve the standard. Just recently, iiRDS Version 1.0 was released by the tekom.

As a founding member, Empolis plays a significant role in promoting the digitization of technical documentation and further international development of the iiRDS standard. Empolis Content Express cloud solution already has the standard integrated.

Find more information about iiRDS Consortium: https://iirds.tekom.de/iirds-consortium/