Industrial Analytics in the Cloud – Empolis at CeBIT 2017

Press Release

In order to efficiently use Big Data and IoT, analytics has become increasingly important for industrial companies. Many companies feel comfortable with capturing IoT-related sensor data, but need professional support to gain useful insights and real value from their sensor data.

Empolis Information Management GmbH’s app “Empolis Service Diagnostics for Salesforce” enables quick and uncomplicated evaluation of industrial data, such as temperature or performance data, power consumption, humidity or room temperature, as well as SCADA and log data.

The app “translates” complex algorithms and data to operators and technicians by utilizing state-of-the-art artificial intelligence technologies and machine learning. With deep learning, case-based reasoning with dynamic time warping, intelligent data aggregation, sequence pattern analysis or text mining, machines, their behavior and their processes, can be better understood and monitored more efficiently.

The analysis of available data automatically detects degrading parts, which have to be replaced. Therefore, failures can be predicted prior to breakdown, in order to replace components in time. Operators thus avoid unexpected downtimes and achieve cost savings in the millions.

As partner of the Salesforce World Tour 2017 from March 20 – 24, Empolis presents the “Empolis Service Diagnostics for Salesforce” app at CeBIT 2017, Hall 9, which is now available on the AppExchange.

Empolis will also demonstrate at CeBIT 2017 how “Empolis Service Diagnostics for Salesforce” can be used in practice in a mutual presentation with Koenig & Bauer AG, during Manufacturing Day in Hall 9 on March 22nd, at 10:30 am.