Kluwer Belgium

Kluwer Belgium is a Wolters Kluwer business (LTRE) and market leader in providing information for professionals in a variety of fields (financial, tax, legal, government and management) in Belgium. It offers a wide range of information solutions and services, such as online databases, electronic workflow tools on CD-ROM, Internet, books, newsletters, magazines, loose-leaf publications, training and software. Kluwer Belgium has approximately 735 employees.

Kluwer Belgium chose CLS as its content management system for the publication of its regulatory, legal and legal commentaries. Content is edited and enriched with metadata and classifications, in order to fulfill the extensive needs for web and print production. CLS also allows for easy creation and generation of new products and publications needed for emerging and developing target groups, based on new compilations of existing content. Customers have continual access to current information via a subscription system, especially needed for the fields of finance, legal, tax and government.