Your company’s knowledge is distributed across different systems and lodged in your employees’ heads. That makes searching for answers difficult and time-consuming. Empolis Service Express® compiles your company’s entire knowledge and establishes your central knowledge management, providing you with a single information source for all your questions.

With the Empolis Intelligent Views Platform®, we develop solutions ourselves and together with partners that make it easier for knowledge workers in companies, government agencies and public administration to use all available information to make the right decisions.


“Intelligent system support from Empolis optimizes error detection and improves the quality of diagnostics, as well as test and maintenance information, in the repair shops.”

“By singling out Empolis’ solutions for our information management needs, we’ve not only secured the use of leading-edge technologies. We’ve also found a strategic partner to support us in responding to design and technical questions.”

“This deal will effectively allow Wolters Kluwer to further enhance the management and storage of intellectual property worldwide.”

“With the Empolis solution, we capture our entire maintenance knowledge in a common database. With this solution, we can retrieve the relevant information to analyze and resolve failures even faster.”

“Not only are our high demands for comprehensibility and structuring fulfilled with standardized electronic documentation, but enormous potential is also created for document creation, quality control, translation and publication management.”

“We have opted for fintelligent based on Empolis software because it perfectly supports our strategy on innovative knowledge management. This solution reduces operating and process costs for companies, means that they are able to benefit from technical innovation and increases satisfaction among customers and clients.”

“Separation of content and layout, consistent reuse of information modules, integrated translation management, as well as comprehensive administrative functionalities provided by CLS, simplify our editors’ lives considerably.”

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